Controlled fusion research has been unsuccessful since its inception and continues to be unsuccessful despite the investment of billions of dollars. A theoretical fusion reactor in its expense, complexity and physical extremes is very unlikely to be economically competitive with fossil fuels even if it ever becomes viable. And tritium, the fuel for theoretical fusion reactors, is one of the rarest elements on earth. Conventional automotive vehicles, airplanes and ships cannot directly use wind turbines, geothermal energy, solar panels or any other renewable energy source for sufficient power. The Static Field Converter can resolve that problem by producing hydrogen. In war electric power and fuel cannot be locally produced requiring vulnerable supply lines. The Static Field Converter resolves that problem. Electric vehicles require fossil fuels to generate the required electricity although notably the power grid has insufficient capacity to handle the additional load. Coal fired generating plants (and we will need at least 130 more to generate the electricity required to power all EVs) are only 40% efficient. That means 60% of the dirtiest, most destructive fossil fuel of all will be dumped into the environment possibly accelerating, what it is appearing to be, the earths insatiable appetite for climate suicide. The one practical, versatile solution to climate change and the energy crisis is the Static Field Converter. The ONLY source of clean, economically competitive, unlimited electrical energy and it is available NOW.

 Here are innovations that we have produced that solve "unsolvable" problems:

The most practical and applicable source of unlimited and
environmentally benign energy is the Static Field Converter. It makes all other sources of energy impractical or obsolete.
U.S. patent number: 5,710,531 

Anti-ballistic missiles are extremely inaccurate and cannot distinguish between an ICBM armed with a nuclear weapon and a decoy. Secretary Clinton  helped enable the location of anti-ballistic missiles in Poland, which is  closer to Russia, in an effort to increase their accuracy and defend against a Russian attack. The anti-ballistic missiles will still probably fail. The Andrew Abolafia Co. has innovated a missile guidance system that is accurate against conventional ballistic missiles as well as hypersonic missiles and can distinguish between nuclear armed weapons and decoys.   

It is currently not possible to remotely detect dirty nuclear bombs when they are shielded. The Andrew Abolafia Co. has innovated the technology to remotely detect those terrorist weapons.  

Cosmic radiation in space causes mutations. It is now impossible to safely travel in space, colonize other planets, occupy space stations or engage in space tourism. Irreversible DNA damage is caused by that radiation. There is no known way to shield against cosmic radiation. The Andrew Abolafia Co. has innovated shielding against cosmic radiation in space rendering space safe to occupy, explore and colonize.

Neutralizing IEDs and landmines is costly and dangerous. Unavoidable deaths must always be factored into all demining efforts. It is estimated that clearing all mines in the world would cost $100 billion. The Andrew Abolafia Co. has innovated a mine and IED neutralizing technology that is 100% effective, perfectly safe, far more rapid than existing technology and a small fraction of the estimated expenditure.

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